Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Where do you meet Jesus?

For my sermon last week I asked worshipers to respond in writing to this question at the beginning of the service, "'Where do you meet Jesus?' or in other words, 'When does Jesus seem most present for you?'" Here were the results of the informal poll of worshiper at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Lockhart TX:

In appreciating Nature--6
At bedtime, reflecting on the day--4
In silence--4
In prayer--3
During times of need and stress--3
At church camp--3
In the presence of children and loved ones--3
Praying in the morning--2
Feel a constant sense of Jesus' presence--2
During worship--2

One response each for: At the beach, in the mountains, on the golf course, during prayer vigils, taking communion to the homebound, funerals, music and singing, during daily commute, retreats, mission work, reading the Bible.

Not surprisingly, meeting Jesus is a very diverse experience.

How about y'all? Where do you meet Jesus? Add your comments below.